@FlaPanthers Bjugstad endorses @68Jagr; Agent Svoboda says “Nyet” to KHL rumor

HOCKEY WORLD)–The waiting game continues for Jaromir Jagr.

No deal for the legend but people around the world still consider Jagr a viable player for some NHL this coming season. Here is one convenient place, links to the best Jagr articles this week. Elliot Freedman on NHL Network said Friday that some teams may wait until the end of the arbitration process before addressing whether Jagr might be added to their roster. Fans on two continents await the end of this ongoing process which enters its fourth month.

Nick Bjugstad endorses Jagr

Florida Panther forward Nick Bjugstad enjoyed having Jagr on the team and expects he’ll still do a good job for whichever NHL team signs him.


Jagr’s agent says Nyet to KHL


Jaromir Jagr aims to return to the NHL but the new address is still to be determined. Below, Kyle Vandenbury (@VANDYNJ22) highlights how Jagr should be a fit on many teams in an article that appeared in medium.com.

View at Medium.com


Sporting News lists five destinations for Jagr

Last week jagrometer.com listed the whys and why nots for all 31 teams. The Sporting News narrows that down. We’d add Arizona to their list, now that they have new coach and former Jagr teammate Rick Tocchet at the helm.


Jagr #2000 discusses the Calgary option

Early this week rumors suggested a deal with Jagr signing with the Flames was 90% likely to happen. As the weekend approaches there have been no updates or signings to report. One of jagrometer.com’s favorite facebook pages is Jagr #2000, is also for #68 to get the next 86 points he needs to reach 2,000 points.  Click the link and Scroll down to find their analysis of why Jagr might fit in nicely with the Calgary Flames. It’s a great page for Jagr fans to like.


What about the Blues?

An interested observer of the St. Louis Blues discusses the prospects of Jagr taking up residence in St. Louis in a post this week.

Could Jagr Play For the Blues?

One false post reported surfaced Thursday said Jagr signing a deal with St. Louis. With all these rumors–believe nothing until nhl.com or the team in question issues a release, which is done promptly.

Site says concentrate on production, not age

The writer even suggests a petition but points out other good reasons to sign the Legend.


Charts, lists and graphs

The Jagr-O-Meter and other graphics  produced by the editor of this website.



As we noted last week, Jagr’s deal with the Devils wasn’t signed until July 22 in 2013. He went on to post 67 points, his best since returning from the KHL in 2011.


jagrometer.com is compiled by Ray Haluska who covered Jagr during his first few seasons in the NHL and was an advisor to the biography, “Jagr,” published in 1997. Comments welcome at the comment box below, on twitter @CruisingRay or email rokinray@aol.com.

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