@NHLDevils at @Flapanthers, Traveling Jagrs have arrived

It’s almost game time for the Traveling Jagrs at BB&T Center. They’ll playstreet hockey with whoever shows up to the Panthers outdoor street hockey court on the patio at BB&T Center.

SUNRISE–With clinching a playoff spot likely,  Jaromir Jagr is ready for his first post season since his 2013 playoff run with the Boston Bruins.

While the playoffs do not start until April 13 and Florida has not officially qualified for them, Jagr is ready today:

Jaromir Jagr on gearing up for the playoffs ‘I’ve got the hair. I’ve got the beard. I’ve got everything.’


For the next two games Everything includes the Traveling Jagrs, the original Canadian-based  band of Jagr enthusiasts who honor the legend by wearing jerseys from all the teams #68 has played for, a veritable spectrum of colors and cities around the world with the now-famous “68 JAGR” in matching colors on the back.

They’re flying in from Calgary and Edmonton and the first group arrived late Wednesday with Dallas Jagr, aka @68isgr8 announcing his safe arrival. All the Canadians should be in place by late afternoon.

The Traveling Jagrs  could see the Panthers wrap up a playoff spot by Saturday night.

Expanded Atlantic Division Standings

A synopsis of the playoff picture. If Florida wins three of their remaining six games they clinch at least second place  with 99 points. If Boston runs the table they win earn 98 points. Detroit can only max out at 97 points. Second place in the Atlantic Division means playing either Boston or Detroit, whichever makes it. Both wild card teams will likely come from the Metropolitan Division.  Losses by Boston and Detroit reduce the number of wins the Panthers need to qualify for the post-season.

But the Panthers don’t have to settle for second. Tampa Bay holds first place by virtue of a tie breaker as both teams have 93 points. Both teams have six games remaining. If Florida wins one more game or even a OT/SO loss than Tampa Bay, the Panthers will finish in first.  If the Panthers win the next two games and Boston and Detroit lose games before Saturday, the Panthers could celebrate qualifying for the playoffs Saturday night.

The Traveling Jagrs will attend tonight and Saturday’s games at BB&T Center. In this shot from last season Jagr salutes the boys.

A photo session with the Traveling Jagrs will occur before tonight’s game with New Jersey. Saturday afternoon they’ll play some shinny with  some local rec hockey players then skate with locals at the Panthers Ice Den before heading to BB&T for Saturday’s game with Montreal.

Jagr leads the Panthers with 59 points. With his next point a bonus will kick in on his salary for reaching 60.  Jagr is having a strong season and ranks in the top 25 in scoring overall and sixth among right wings.


JAGRometer.com will be monitoring tonight’s game on NHL Game Center and hope for updates to the Jagr-O-Meter after tonight’s game.


Also of note, Jagr was named Florida’s representative for the Masterson Trophy which is awarded by the league for perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. It will be hard for anyone to argue anyone has shown more of those traits than Jagr this year.

Someone wrote about this t-shirt included in many JAGRometer.com postings. It came from Fanprint.com but is currently out of stock.  They have other Jagr  designs available. For an updated list contact them at contactus@fanprint.com.


Tickets for the Panthers game Saturday at BB&T Center can be secured at panthers.nhl.com. After that game Florida plays three on the road before closing the season at home Saturday, April 9 against Carolina.

JAGRometer.com is produced by Ray Haluska, aka Kladno Jagr, seen at some game wearing a one-of-a-kind jersey for Kladno, the team Jagr played for as a teen and now owns. The jersey was customized with patches for the Czech national team as well as all teams Jagr has played for in the NHL.

Contact me with comments here, on  twitter @CruisingRay, or email Rokinray@aol.com.

Thank you for your continued support  as we keep the world  informed about the legend.



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