Panthers, Jagr reach deal for one-year contract

Updated Friday with interview with media.

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JagrVcomingbackSUNRISE–The old Panther is being retired. While the pouncing predator will no longer be the crest of the Florida Panthers, the oldest Panther, the oldest player in the NHL, the one and only Jaromir Jagr,  WILL continue his splendid career of mentoring, milestone chasing and trying to be part of an exciting team hoping to advance three rounds beyond the first round ouster that ended their season less than two weeks ago.

Jagr released the news on Facebook. Reaction has been voluminous, most can be translated to English or your language of choice. is happy to share the official team announcement with you today.

Type in “Jagr” on twitter today and you’ll see thousands of reactions there.

Jagr modestly claims  the milestones don’t matter but  he goes out and adds to his staggering lifetime totals, scoring and assisting on big goals in important games. Though after combining for 75 goals during the division winning season,  the Panthers top  line of Jonathon Huberdeau, Aleksander Barkov and Jagr found little success against goalie Thomas Griess in the opening round.

The Panthers lost a tense series to the Islanders with three of their four losses coming in games they saw the New York Islanders battle back to tie the games only to lose in overtime. Jagr was held to two assists and saw his non-goal scoring streak in playoff games extend to 37 games dating back to 2012. It was a series of frustration for the Panthers top scoring trio as they collectively scored only three goals on nearly 100 shots in the six game series.

Let’s roll the tape back about two weeks ago when Jagr and others spoke about the season.

Jagr and the Panthers seemed like a perfect marriage the moment he stepped onto the ice for his first practice for the team when acquired from the New Jersey at the trade deadline during the 2014-15 season. In 98 games with Florida, Jagr has 33 goals and 51 assists for 84 points and a .857 point per game average and he finished +23, his best since he was +26 with the 2006-07 season with the New York Rangers. Some of this success can be atrtibuted to his linemates  Huberdeau  and Barkov, who both achieved career high production despite both of them missing several games to injuries.
In another interview the philosopher talks about the journey of winning in the playoffs…
With plans to relocate the Jagr-O-Meter to Florida it is thrilling to know the legend will still call the BB&T Center his home.  Details were not yet released by the team but Jagr’s agent Petr Svboda has served Jagr well since his return from the KHL, working behind the scenes and  finding situations where Jagr has thrived for good salaries in Philadelphia, Dallas, New Jersey and now Florida.  Since returning from the KHL Jagr has now recorded 269 points over five seasons, including the lockout shortened season of 2012-13, which Jagr split between Dallas and Boston. National sources were reporting a salary of $4 million in base pay, with $300,000 bonuses earned for playing in each of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 45 games.
Jagr certainly peformed well this season, both league wide and compared to his peers at right wing.
The frequent change of addresses has done much for Jagr’s international popularity as new fanbases get to witness him play on a daily basis and likely factored into his nomination as all star captain of the Atlantic Division team.
Training, mentally and physically keeps Jagr  a force in most games he plays.  Nearly every professional athlete retired when injuries or declining skills left them unable to perform at a level necessary to get a new contract. Knowing hockey is what he is good at, Jagr finds it easier to work out four hours a day to keep up rather than to learn a new job. It’s an admirable feat when new players are faster and better coached than the players were when Jagr started his NHL career as an 18-year-old rookie in 1990 in Pittsburgh.
While the Panthers season is over, today is a good day to raise a toast while wearing your favorite Jagr jersey or t-shirt. If you don’t have one, Czech out this site:
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Another good facebook page is one produced by someone in the Czech Republic. It has more than 100,000 likes. This is not the official page, but it is very good.

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@Jsmidcro    Jan Smid was a US-based Czech reporter who collaborated on “Jagr”, an autobiography in the late 90’s detailing Jagr’s early life and career in the NHL.

@NHLHistoryGirl This hockey loving woman shares interesting informational tidbits about hockey and the NHL in general. How does she do it?

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@KrRutherford Kristina Rutherford wrote a great article for Canada’s sportsnet magazine.

Nigel Buchanan, whose superhero treatment of Jagr in his art for sportsnet magazine is one of the many efforts he has on display at

The article was shared by Sportsnet on Dec. 20, 2015.

Quant Hockey: Career stats updated game by game by a hockey lover in Europe. Site enables you to find career leaders in any offensive category by clicking on the category you are researching.

@rytiriKladno The Kladno Hockey Club: Before coming to the NHL Jagr played for this team in the Czech league as a teenager. Now he owns the team. It’s in Czech  but some devices can translate to English.  Follow them at:

@HockeyCzech  National organization for hockey in the Czech Republic.

@68isgr8  is the twitter for The Traveling Jagrs. Clad in different Jagr jerseys and hair styles from 68’s career, they gained league-wide recognition when they caught Jagr’s attention during a pre-game skate of a Dallas Stars game in Canada during the 2012-2013 season. Since then, they convene at games in Western Canada and make a road trip or two every year, playing street hockey with locals, posing for hundreds of pictures, and having a good time with fans while honoring an all-time NHL legend.

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