@FlaPanthers, Tallon, @nhl, @68Jagr waiting game keeps fans on edge of seats

SUNRISE–For a team that received some criticism last off season for being very generous in salary and length of contracts with some of their players under the now deposed Florida Panthers regime, new/old General Manager does want Czech legend Jaromir Jagr back, but is going Bob Barker on the legend and will only do so if the Price is Right.  At least that is how it sounded on Miami sports radio Wednesday afternoon.

How apart can the teams be for a player that played 82 games and produced 16 goals among 46 points, a year after leading the team in scoring with 66 points in 79 games.

Jagr reported salaries through the years or….


Through the years, especially recently, Jagr has had easily achieveable games played bonuses that were achieved and met for playing various increments of games capped at 45 or 50. Easy picking for the healthy and durable Jagr who has only missed 11 games combined over the last five seasons while younger teammates without such clauses received more guaranteed money and have missed many more games.  The article linked below shows Jagr’s salaries in the NHL through the years and comes from the Czech Republic. If this article doesn’t come up in English, look for the translator option in the upper right corner of our browser if it doesn’t come up automatically. Try it twice if it doesn’t translate the first time.


Jagr’s career stats

Jagr’s stat page from the Florida Panthers website. Scroll down to see his year by year production. based on his post-KHL production, this looks like a 23+ goal season ahead for Jagr, if he stays healthy.


The Jagr-O-Meter

No changes since the season ended, but we run this all the time.


Where will Jagr play next year? We’ll know by 12:05 July 1, about five minutes after the free agency period opens for the NHL, IF the Panthers and Jagr haven’t come to an agreement OR Jagr turns down an offer to join former Panthers coach Gerald Gallant who is expected to be name coach of the expansion Las Vegas Knight and probably wouldn’t mind having a Legend-in-Residence to guide whatever group of players the expansion team assembles in their special draft in June.  No matter what, there’s some high-stakes poker going on behind the scenes and as usual, Jagr’s home will be wherever he chooses to make it.

Jagrometer.com is compiled by Ray Haluska, long-time Jagr fan and former hockey reporter who covered the first few years of Jagr’s career for a small town Western Pennsylvania newspaper. Reach him with questions or comments at rokinray@aol.com, on twitter @CruisingRay or leave a comment on the page.  Sorry, the complaint department is closed today.

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