@68Jagr’s 315 post KHL points 33rd best in NHL since 2011-12; still seeks deal

Since returning from the KHL for the 2011-12 season Jaromir Jagr has achieved many milestones. More importantly they’ve come as the Czech legend has been quite productive, averaging 52.5 points per season.

Among all players, Jagr’s 315 points since 2011 rank him 33rd among all players.  Narrowing that down to the four most reason seasons, Jagr’s 226 points rank 39th, and the right wing’s 112 points over the last two seasons is good for 52nd. Jagr’s most recent ranking is dragged down by a rare off season of 46 points in 2016-17, a year after becoming the oldest player to lead his team in scoring when his 66 points topped the division winning Panthers in 2015-16.

Last season Jagr in action against Arizona. No reason the attendance starved Coyotes would not benefit from Jagr’s production, work ethic and star power, especially after parting ways with long-time captain Shane Doan and Radim Vrbata.  Sell some jerseys, flip at the trade deadline and recoup the investment.  Win win.

No matter how you slice it, Jagr’s production still warrants first or second line play on any NHL team. The teams in the league must get over the notion that the young players looking so good in exhibition games against other young players are not the second coming of Conner McDavid. Few will top Jagr’s 46 points of last season, while controlling the puck in the attacking zone, thereby preventing goals and drawing penalties through possession.

It was a quiet week on the North American side of the Atlantic rumor wise, while the buzz or Jagr without a team is generating a lot of coverage in Europe, particularlythe Czech Republic, where Jagr is a national hero.

Before going to Europe, take a look at some articles written in the USA and Canada. With the return of Andrei Markov to Russia, Montreal could opt to sign Jagr though his fit under Claude Julien was probably the the most forced of his NHL career when the current Habs coach was the bench boss in Boston. The New York Rangers or Islanders wouldn’t suffer with Jagr in their lineup and our first link makes the case for the former Ranger captain to return to MSG.

Hartnett: A Rangers-Jaromir Jagr Reunion Could Be A Win-Win

Reporters for the Hockey News and also Yahoo sports make the case for someone signing Jagr.



Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, General Managers in the Czech league are shying away from discussing the prospect of the nation’s most famous citizen playing for their team but realize his presence would make a difference.

Two-time Jagr NHL teammate Martin Straka talks in the Czech press. You know the drill. If you don’t know Czech, use the translate option in the upper right corner of your google chrome browser.


The coach of Jagr’s team, Mirosla Horava, also was asked by the Czech press corps about Jagr playing for Kladno.


Another story regarding another team, Trinec.


In case you needed a reminder


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