New York Post: The @FlaPanthers broke promise to offer @68Jagr new deal

Tuesday the calendar will change from July to August. What won’t change is that Jaromir Jagr still does not have an NHL contract for the 2017-18 season.  While players of lesser skill have been rewarded this off-season, Jagr, who has averaged 52.5 points per season since returning from the KHL to the NHL for the 2011-2012 season, remains unsigned.

STILL LOOKING FOR A NEW DEAL. Was Jaromir Jagr jilted by the Florida Panthers? With a promise of a new deal, not feeling out the free agency market was a good faith effort on his part that left him without obvious options. The  new season is two months and 10 days away. 

How did we get here?

Following the Panthers disappointing season Jagr and the Panthers were reportedly talking regularly about a new deal for the Czech right wing, who last season became the second all-time leading scorer in NHL history.  While it was a rough season for Jagr, he was still the Panthers fourth leading scorer with 16 goals and 30 assists for 46 points, a total still good enough to place him among the top five scorers for every team in the NHL.  In a story discussing the NHL’s apathy toward experienced players and trendy obsession with speed, the New York Post’s hockey writer Larry Brooks reported his sources told him the Panthers were expecting to offer Jagr a deal after the expansion draft.

Here’s the link to the New York post article.

As we do here from time to time, local articles from around the NHL from interested observers discuss why Jagr would be someone to consider for their team. Our only problem with these efforts is they expect a 50+ point player, when properly deployed, to skate on their side for $1-2 million. Take the money out of someone else’s wallet. But, here goes.

First, the Nashville Predators.

A case for Jagr joining the New York Islanders.

Becoming second all-time scorer only 72nd best moment of season?

Up from Canada, Steve Dangle ranks Jagr passing Mark Messier as the 72nd best moment of the 2016-17 season. Seems like something that should be  a top 5 given its historic significance.


Something getting a lot of activity on twitter this weekend is for sports fans to list their five favorite players or events. At we list the top 5 Jagr NHL uniforms:

  1. Penguins–His best years where in Pittsburgh along with multiple logo changes
  2. New York Rangers–The Captain with the Liberty Head alternate jersey
  3. Flyers–The menacing orange never looked better in #68’s first post KHL season
  4. Dallas Stars–It was only 2/3 of a lockout shortened season but it was fun
  5. Florida Panthers–old logo.  The Panthers admitted Jagr was their top selling jersey

Honorable mentions:  New Jersey Devils (provided rare highlights for Devils this decade; Boston (took Jagr along for their ride to the Finals); Washington Capitals (never made it to top and sent Penguins into temporary death spiral that resulted in cup winning core today, as well as setting up own Capitals melt down that turned into Ovechkin. Revived Jagr’s career with trade to Rangers. 

From the Czech Republic

Denik Sport still cranking out about one Jagr article a day and expressing bewilderment that Jagr and other Czech players are still on the outside looking in. The translation was more awkward than usual, and it’s in the dreaded slideshow format, but it’s what is serving today, so eat up!

Radko Gudas of the Philadelphia Flyers hopes Jagr returns to the NHL.

Some lighter fare as we wonder where

As we wonder when or if Jagr will get a deal to his liking, enjoy this satirical effort on the contract search.

Stats and Charts

TheJAGROMETER--postgame81FLA3BUF0Countdownto2000Points86AssistCounter1149CardPointBreakdown1914GoalFlagCountdown765jagrCzechLegendRotateCrop is compiled with original thoughts and links from articles around the world relating to Jaromir Jagr by Ray Haluska, a former sportswriter who covered the first few seasons of Jagr’s career. Comments can be left in the comment box below, e-mailed to or on twitter @cruisingray.


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