Jagr ponders readiness for Saturday as Travelling Jagrs seek Calgary Jagr

UPDATE, 4 pm, Friday, Oct. 6, 2017:  Jaromir Jagr’s participation in Saturday’s game betwee the Winnipeg Jets and the Calgary Flames is not expected to be announced until Saturday afternoon

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada)– The first legitimate team practice since April left Jaromir Jagr deciding Thursday to defer his decision on whether he plays in Calgary’s home opener Saturday evening against Winnipeg. This article from hockeyinsider.com explains where Jagr is after initial his on-ice session with the team.


Jagr could delay his decision on Saturday’s evening’s game until after the morning skate.

Travelling Jagrs glad #68 in backyard; hope to name Calgary Jagr soon

With many home games and some road trips planned it will be a busy season for the Travelling Jagrs, who are workers, businessmen, husbands and dads when they are not in uniform supporting the legend.


More of the same with a bonus audio interview with Tylor Keller, aka New York Rangers Jagr speaking on Edmonton AM.


So you want to be a Traveling Jagr?  Trevor Freeman, aka Dallas Stars Jagr, posted this lengthy commentary on the Travelling Jagr’s Facebook page on what it means to be part of the group and what they hope to find in their Calgary Flames Jagr.  As the group has evolved over time, their mission remains pure and is explained well here.

“This is the full version of the excerpt used to write the NHL.com article;

What does Jaromir Jagr signing in Calgary mean to The Travelling Jagrs?

As you can imagine that is a questions we have heard a lot of in the past 24hours. Honestly it has taken some time for us to process after a long summer of wondering if we would get a chance to see him again. And now… Wow!

First and foremost it mean we and other hockey fans get a chance to watch one of the greatest players to ever pull on skates for 82 or more games. Fans in Calgary will see a superstar the likes they have never seen before helping those budding superstars create space, handle pressure and train harder than they ever have before.

It means that fans in Calgary will learn how funny and playful Jagr can be with the press and how loose it helps the boys be in the locker room.

It means midnight workouts at the Saddledome when everyone else has gone home and maybe if he needs 12 pylons to skate around and make them look silly, well we would be happy to oblige him that too.

But most importantly it means one more year.

One more year of being last on and first off the ice because a finely tuned athlete of his age knows just how much he needs to warm up to be ready.

One more year of helping boys become men in the greatest league the world has seen.

One more year of a superstar expecting himself to push to do anything to help the team on the front of his jersey to win another game and go a little further and maybe just maybe touch lips with Lord Stanley’s mug.

Finally for us it mean one more chance to find a new friend to pull on a mullet, drink a beer or two and cheer only for the name on the back of all of OUR jerseys.

With that The a Travelling Jagrs are looking for Calgary Jags. Our criteria have not changed much over the years and are as follows;

-Must be 21 and over, if you don’t know why, no need to read on. 
-Valid Passport… seriously 
-Sick Flow (or reasonable facsimile ie Mullet Wig)
-Must have your own jersey, matching hockey shell and socks. A Veteran TJ will show you how to customize your uniform for maximum comfort.
-Great Fan, not a super fan hanging over a railing or chasing autographs. Someone who respects the game as much as the skill of the player that need not be named… Jags
-Ability to HOLD their adult beverages as well as those of Veteran TJs. This is were many newcomers do not make it through the process. 
-Must be able to hold both a pose and sometimes the fan you are posing with, check our Twitter @68isgr8 and you will see why.
-Must be ready to travel, come on this is once in a lifetime stuff!

That being said, while not everyone can in THE Travelling Jagrs we encourage EVERYONE to be A Travelling Jagr. Grab a mullet, buy a jersey, go to the game. Just remember to be a great fan, have fun, cheer for Jags and most importantly LOVE this great game. Just like Jags.

For those who think they can make the cut we are accepting submissions at our twitter handle @68isgr8 or email thetravellingjagrs@gmail.com. We will consider candidates that are outgoing, fun and knowledgeable but also nearby, eager and good humoured. So send us your “resume”, pictures and videos submissions but be warned it will take a special candidate to catch our eye. The winner will be announced next week and the Travelling will continue… Soon.

On behalf of;

Czech Jags, Pittsburgh Jags, All Star Jags, Washington Jags, Rangers Jags, Philly Jags, Boston Jags, Devils Jags, Florida Jags

This is Dallas Jags saying welcome to Calgary Jaromir and we look forward to meeting you Calgary Jags, whoever you may be.”

If you haven’t been to a game with the Travelling Jagrs, it is a sight to behold  as they move as a unit through NHL arenas and find themselves in 100s of photos before the evening is through. The call, “One More Please,” is heard in an out of the arena and many new friends are made. The periodic  extra seat provides a memorable evening for a hockey fan. The local insanity continues after Saturday’s opener.


The Jagr-O-Meter:


Jagr high on McDavid, sees talent capable of 100 goals–in one season!

Many NHL players were asked to described Jagr. After watching Connor McDavid’s hat trick vs. Calgary in the Oilers 3-0 in Edmonton’s season opener, the Legend thinks McDavid has the tools to score 100+ GOALS.



Jagr related links and contacts

Follow Jagr on twitter @68Jagr. This is the official Jagr account. Everything else is an imposter. He periodically uses the account to make a serious or humorous announcement. Engagement with followers is rare.

The official Jagr facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/68Jagr/

The Calgary Flames official NHL website:  https://www.nhl.com/flames/ Trust this source to buy tickets and merchandise and official team news.

Calgary Flames twitter is: @NHLFlames

nhl.com is the official website of the National Hockey League.

@nhl is the official twitter of the National Hockey League

The Travelling Jagrs have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/695821573799933/

and can also be reacehd on twitter @68isgr8

Kladno is the Czech-league team Jagr owns. They can reached on twitter @rytiriKladno

the team facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RytiriKladno/?fref=ts

Additional links and contacts to be added later and republished periodically.



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