Panthers play at Colorado, Jagr one point behind Gordie Howe and a Mr. Hockey Tribute

DENVER–The Atlantic Division leading Florida Panthers hope to be Rocky Mountain High after playing the Colorado Avalanche Thursday night in Denver’s Pepsi Center.


An extra attraction for this game will be to see if Florida’s leading scorer Jaromir Jagr can get a point to tie Gordie Howe as the NHL’s third all-time leading point producer with 1850 points.  The Miami Herald reported today that Garrett Wilson, who was awarded an assist on Vincent Trocheck’s goal Saturday afternoon in Columbus, said he never touched the puck….

Introducing Gordie Howe–Mr. Hockey

Thus we are here. Rather than let this imminent milestone pass as just another name on a list, today we’re going to talk about Gordie Howe, the NHL’s all-time leading scorer , who retired in 1980 as the NHL’s all-time leading scorer. Today he sits at third, as Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier passed him  before they quit.  Jaromir Jagr is knocking at Gordie’s door and he does so as the leading scorer with 21 goals and 26 assists for the first place Florida Panthers.

Like Jagr, Howe enjoyed a long career in the NHL,  Gordie’s best years played with one team, the Detroit Red Wings. Retiring after the 1971-72 season, Howe was retired two seasons before joining the upstart World Hockey Association which enabled him to play with his sons Mark and Marty. The WHA  scores were high scoring affairs and Gordie was the league MVP in his first season with is first season. By the end of the decade, both leagues were losing money and something had to give. Most of the WHA folded and a few teams–Edmonton, Winnipeg, Quebec and New England, came into the NHL for the 1979-80 season. The new NHL teams were only able to keep two goalies and two skaters from their original rosters. The merger enabled Gordie to play a season in the NHL with his sons.

Present for a few press conferences, I was part of a mob of reporters trying to bask in the aura of Mr. Hockey. At these type of events, reporters don’t ask Gordie questions, Gordie tells reporters stories. I recall two of them vividly. Regarding the thrill of playing with his sons, and coming to their defense when an opponent would entangle him with some rough pay long the boards, Gordie recalled his son saying,  “Dad, I’m glad you care and all, but I can take care of myself. When they hit me I can take it doesn’t hurt until your 250 pounds comes plowing in.”

Another great story was the animosity players on opposing teams had for each others in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Travel was by train and sometimes two teams were on the same train. Gordie remembered, “If you wanted to get to the dining car you didn’t care walk through the other team’s coach. You waited for the train to stop, and walked through two feet of snow if necessary, never walking through the other team’s car.  ”

Some like to point out where Jagr’s point totals would be if he hadn’t spent three years in the KHL, lost parts of two other seasons to lockouts, and the entire 2004-2005 season. Most of Howe’s seasons were 70-game campaigns and also lost some seasons in his 40s. He retired in 1971, at age 43, following a 63-game season in which he tallied 52 points. Howe stayed retired for two years, then returned to action with the WHA, ending his playing days at age 52 with New England (nee Hartford–nee Carolina) with 1850 points.

Here are Howe’s stats…

Enough with the numbers, here’s some video of Mr. Howe:

An overview of Gordie Howe from ESPN…

Gordie (2)

The hockey world is lucky that Gordie has lived into his 80s. Recent years have not been kind to his health and it was feared he might pass. A trip to Mexico for some experimental stem cell research brought renewed life to Mr. Hockey. Out of the public life in recent years, at last report he is resting comfortably at home under the care of family.

Tap of the stick to Gordie Howe.

We close our Gordie Howe tribute with a video featuring both Howe, Jagr and other stars.

The updated Jagr-O-Meter:


The updated Atlantic Division standings…

Expanded Atlantic Division Standings

A Czech newspaper released a list of Czech born players and how they are doing this year. To translate the list: Z=Games, B=Points. The list was compiled for Jagr’s point total was revised upward following a correction in a scoring error, so he has 47 points (21 goals-16 assists).

A recent article, typical of many, telling how Jagr has transformed the Panthers into a competitive team…

Jagr has been a ‘real blessing’ for Panthers since he was acquired one year ago

Of course, how did Jagr’s career get to this day, when he hopes to tie Howe? posted this article in January….

Assorted Jagr-related links:

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Florida Panthers 2015-16 Media Guide

Florida Panthers Team website:

Some Jagr-related  social media accounts:

@68Jagr  This is the real site,  the one and only official Jaromir Jagr twitter account. Postings are rare, but worth the wait. Jagr has been more active on Twitter this season.

The two best Jagr facebook pages are:

 This is the page Jagr posts on, if he is going to post at all.

Another good facebook page is one produced by someone in the Czech Republic. It has more than 100,000 likes. This is not the official page, but it is very good.

@FlaPanthers and @FLAPanthersPR  The official twitter accounts for news about the team.

@dougielarge  Doug Cifu, few owners in sports relate to the fans as much as this man who interacts with fans and media on twitter.

@goldieonice  — Steve Goldstein, TV play-by-play of the Panthers. Brings all those exciting highlights to life.

@DenisPotvinFox — NHL Hall  of  Famer Denis Potvin works along side Goldstein in the booth.

@HeyRedDeer color man Randy Moller who left the radio booth to help Goldstein and Potvin on TV.

@GeorgeRichards  Panthers beat writer for the Miami Herald.

@HFialkov Panthers beat writer for the Sun Sentinel

@AntwanStaley Includes Panthers coverage in his all sports all the time reports

@Cats0ntheprowl twitter for Cats On the Prowl, offering detailed reviews of Panthers  games and more.

@SunshineSkate twitter for The Sunshine Skate, another blog with special emphasis on advanced stats and charts that will make you dizzy.

@Zdenek_Janda  US-based Czech reporter who covers the NHL and reports on other news for the people of the Czech Republic.

@Jsmidcro    Jan Smid was a US-based Czech reporter who collaborated on “Jagr”, an autobiography in the late 90’s detailing Jagr’s early life and career in the NHL.

@NHLHistoryGirl This hockey loving woman shares interesting informational tidbits about hockey and the NHL in general. How does she do it?

@MyRegularFace  She’s another gem. Watches lots of games and gets up GIFs faster than or anyone else out there.

@KrRutherford Kristina Rutherford wrote a great article for Canada’s sportsnet magazine.

Nigel Buchanan, whose superhero treatment of Jagr in his art for sportsnet magazine is one of the many efforts he has on display at

The article was shared by Sportsnet on Dec. 20, 2015.

Quant Hockey: Career stats updated game by game by a hockey lover in Europe. Site enables you to find career leaders in any offensive category by clicking on the category you are researching.

@rytiriKladno The Kladno Hockey Club: Before coming to the NHL Jagr played for this team in the Czech league as a teenager. Now he owns the team. It’s in Czech  but some devices can translate to English.  Follow them at:

@HockeyCzech  National organization for hockey in the Czech Republic.

@68isgr8  is the twitter for The Traveling Jagrs. Clad in different Jagr jerseys and hair styles from 68’s career, they gained league-wide recognition when they caught Jagr’s attention during a pre-game skate of a Dallas Stars game in Canada during the 2012-2013 season. Since then, they convene at games in Western Canada and make a road trip or two every year, playing street hockey with locals, posing for hundreds of pictures, and having a good time with fans while honoring an all-time NHL legend.

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