NHL first choice for Jagr, but joining Kladno, Czech Olympic team options

Jaromir Jagr told Czech media he’d  play for the Czech Olympic team if wanted by the national team, provided he doesn’t land an NHL contract. Jagrometer.com has contacts in the Czech Republic and in a few NHL cities monitoring the situation and hopes to report breaking news of a Jagr signing soon.

As he has said for years, the NHL is his #1 choice but he’ll play somewhere if a deal doesn’t come together for this season. Hit the translation key on your google if you don’t understand Czech.


At the peak of his career Jaromir Jagr was a gold-medal winner with the Czech National team at the 1998 Nagana Winter Games.
#68 last played for the Czech national team in the 2015 World Championships, where his late addition to the team created great excitement for his countrymen as the Czech Republic was the host nation. Due to outstanding play and the excitement of him playing there, Jagr was named tournament MVP even though the team did not medal.
While waiting for an NHL to be finalized Jagr has continued training with Kladno, the team now owned by his family and the team Jagr played for before coming to the NHL. He has become involved in training youth players and hopes the Czechs can rise in prominence at the international level.
This photo has been used in memes showing Jagr winning a tug of war against a tractor. In reality he was faring well in a tug of war against Czech children attending a sports camp.
Jaromir Jagr, hopes to find a new throne for breaks in action with an NHL team. Here he’s shown with former Florida Panthers teammate Shawn Thornton during the 2015-16 season.

Here Jagr talks about working with youth hockey players.


One of our friends in the Czech Republic heard the interview and reports Jagr had interest from the Calgary Flames but it’s still in the talking stages even though the discussions have gone of for months. Another good summation of Jagr’s remarks and the possibility of him playing for his country in the Olympics is here.


The Flames rumor has had much life in North America though the summer since Jagr’s free agency started official July 1.  The team has downplayed the rumors and considers them fan-generated.  Calgary GM Brad Treliving put a sobering wet blanket on Jagr or Jarome Iginla being on the team when the season starts in October.

Follow the link to the Calgary Herald for more…  http://calgaryherald.com/sports/hockey/nhl/calgary-flames/francis-no-time-for-rumours-flames-gm-says-priority-is-signing-sam-bennett

So, with the chances for the Flames turned down, the San Jose Sharks are another time that could take a bite at Jagr.


@DownGoesBrown posted an enjoyable effort this week and suggests a Jagr Draft may be the solution to this contract situation.  Scroll down if you can’t sift through the other snippets.


A look around the league from a Jagr perspective

Arizona and Carolina have attendance problems and signing Jagr wouldn’t hurt them on or off the ice….Signing with Tampa Bay would really stick it to the Panthers…The New York Rangers would benefit from having their former captain back on the roster…As a player who signs one year deals since his return from the KHL, Chicago could use a skilled, veteran presence since Marian Hossa is already out for the season with a rare skin disorder…A few articles have suggested #68 would be a good fit in St. Louis…A few fans in Montreal still would like to see Jagr skating for the home team there…Ottawa was widely mentioned when someone thought they saw someone at the local airport but Jagr going to the Senators isn’t even mentioned on Twitter anymore…Vancouver just signed Tomas Vanek last week giving them more experience than any other NHL team…Vegas has former coach Gerald Gallant behind the bench which is good. That is countered by former Capitals GM George McPhee calling the shots in the front office. McPhee once traded Jagr from Washington to the Rangers…The following teams have bowed out of the proceedings by virtue of general manager’s comments this summer: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Anaheim.

Surely somebody can use a player who has racked up more than 300 points in the last six seasons?


The wait continues to find out where The Legend Continues.

Jagrometer.com is compiled by Ray Haluska, one-time sports reporter who covered the early seasons of Jagr’s career. Comments can be submitted below or to ROKINRAY@aol.om, or @CruisingRay on twitter.


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