Jagr 2017-18: Countdown to Oct. 5? NHL? KHL? Czech League? Olympics?

(At the top of today’s compilation are a couple of  articles not shared in this space, one from this week, and one from a few years ago. Also, we’ve corrected the years in the headline to the proper year. Oy!)

Kladno ready to add Jagr if NHL does come calling. Longest article I’ve seen on the logistics of Jaromir Jagr following the footsteps of his mentor Mario Lemieux in being an owner AND player of a team. (May require a click of your translator application).


As the Las Vegas Knights continue preparations for their inaugural season,  Magazine Senior Writer @AnthonyMignioni shared a 2014 article from the Washington Post discussing when Jagr became a Capital and why his advice on #68 not being a great fit at that time for Washington. In the end both the Penguins and the Capitals tanked, enabling the Crosby/Malkin/Fleury era to start in Pittsburgh and the Ovechkin empire in DC to occur.  A rare glimpse into GM/owner relations.


The remainder of the post was released 9/21/2017…..

More untested hypotheses continue to come forward regarding Jaromir Jagr and where he may play this year. The possibilities have the hockey world’s most interesting man in scenarios involving no less than three continents!

We won’t celebrate or get excited about his next NHL stop until it’s announced on nhl.com. While waiting, long-time hockey writer Kevin Allen of USA Today hopes Jagr finds a place in the NHL this season. The Traveling Jagrs and millions of Jagr fans in North America, Europe and Asia agree with Allen that #68 can still produce and provides a lot of personality.


Today, and by today I mean Thursday, September 21, 2017, a KHL writer from Europe said according to Jagr’s people, an announcement will be made on Oct. 5, a day after the season starts. This would conceivably allow Jagr to skate onto an NHL roster as a replacement for a player on long-term injured reserve (Marian Hossa, for one, comes to mind). It’s going to require a player out for the season, like Hossa, or someone else who gets hurt between now and the early stages of the season whose salary won’t count against the cap, opening the door for Jagr.

Earlier this week Jagr dismissed the idea of a player tryout contract, a dubious gesture done more out of pity or a favor than a legitimate offer with a salary befitting a player of Jagr’s talents. Jagr recorded 46 points last season which placed him 119 out of more than 700 NHL skaters and a similar level of output to Patrick Marleau, who left the San Jose Sharks for $6 million a year from the Toronto Maple Leafs.

People forget Jagr wasn’t too slow two years ago when he lead the first place Florida Panthers in scoring with 66 points. Last season injuries, slumps and roster upheaval played havoc with the Cats as they finished well out of the playoff hunt.


Jagr staying in Europe is a win for Europe or Asia, and a boom for Czech national team, which will compete in the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea. This and related topics were discussed in the Slovakian media  today. Hit your translate key if necessary.



Jaromir Jagr will not play in San Jose this year, unless it is in a visiting uniform for a yet to be determined NHL team.



The case for St. Louis to sign Jagr


Jagr answered 68 questions for a Czech reporter.

It’s in Czech but readable with the translation function on google chrome.


The day Jagr played one game in the German league is retold here.



Where ever Jagr goes Jagrometer.com will continue to provide thoughts and share links relevant to his on-ice exploits as well as other pertinent Jagr news.

Jagrometer.com has been publishing updated Jagr stats and sharing links to stories from around the world since he returned from the KHL in time for the 2011-12 season.  The site is operated by long-time Jagr observer, who was an acknowledged contributor in the 1997 biography “Jagr.” In lieu of a book the archives of this website offer a lot of interesting features from many voices in the hockey world. Thoughts may be shared at the comment box below, on twitter @cruisingray or email at rokinray@aol.com

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