@68Jagr may be talking with 3 NHL teams, St. Louis admits internal chats Legend NOT playing for Kladno Saturday

(This post will be updated as necessary)

The off -season has spanned the seasons of spring, summer and now early fall spanning almost six months for Jaromir Jagr. Earlier in the week Kladno the team #68 owns in the Czech league announced Jagr would play for the Knights but that was put on hold as his representatives announced Friday three teams are competing for his services.

Some of that talk may be drumming up business but it only takes one team with the proper level of appreciation to get Jagr signed for the season.

Jagr ranks very high in this ranking of the NHL’s right wings released by sportsnet.


That is the prize, but who is bidding to win the Jagr Auction 2017? One is believed to be the St. Louis Blues, who have discussed Jagr throughout the off-season. Injuries to key players have left them shorthanded with skill and experience to start the season. Follow the link to nhl.com’s report.


The other two teams in the running have not been revealed.  At least one KHL team is talking to Jagr’s people about a return to that league he put on the map for the 2008-09 season after he fell five points short of an club option by the New York Rangers and the MSG inhabititants started a youth movement with mixed results.

Overseas the KHL entry in the Tatarstan Republic city of Neftechimik is currently talking to Jagr’s people, which would set the table for Jagr to play for the Czech Republic in the 2018 Olympics. Jagr is no stranger to playing in Russia, he played there during a work stoppage and became the league’s first big name signing when, like now, no acceptable NHL options were available to him.


The Jagr-O-Meter has been tracking Jagr since his return from the KHL in 2011. As you can see, the long regular season has some reachable plateaus for Jagr should he sign with an NHL team.



A few weeks ago we shared the news from Europe that Jagr would announce a decision on Oct. 5 for the upcoming season. If that report was correct, we should know Jagr’s hockey address by Thursday.

Jagrometer.com is produced as news regarding Jaromir Jagr warrants publication. The site is operated by Ray Haluska and comments can be left below or on twitter to @CruisingRay or via email to rokinray@aol.com.

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