Cat tweet sign of imminent Jagr signing?

The sometimes cryptic Jaromir Jagr let a cat out of the bag on Twitter Saturday night. The message was as playful as a cat playing with a ball of yarn, and a much different tone than his last tweet three months ago  when he noted no one was contacting him as free agency approached.


The message appeared on the East Coast of the USA at 10 pm, it has attracted 9,700+ retweets and 23,000+ likes in 13 hours. Assuming Jagr is still in the Czech Republic, it would have been 4 am over there. What had him up at that hour and in a good mood?

Where or where might Jagr be this season?  Czech reporter Zdenek Janda shared some great insight in this article. Of all the reporters in the world, Janda is probably in the top 5 that Jagr feels comfortable talking to on or off the record. Translate this article, if you can with your browser. He has it down to the usual suspects of St. Louis, Calgary and a mystery team. A recently completed survey on Twitter revealed 80% of nearly 800 respondents said they hoped St. Louis signs the Legend.

Another Czech writer suggests maybe Jagr should get one last chance in the NHL. But that’s not the way Jagr has ever approached his life. Like many experienced warriors he believes that once you think of retiring you are halfway there. Jagr has fought the urge to consider retiring, so each season becomes a victory tour of #68 over time and the hope that the next season will bring another NHL contract at the right price.  Like many North American pontificators, at one point the writer asks why give Jagr money instead of a young player that might be useful for several years? Many teams played the young player and lost the bet. Jagr is still a producer in the NHL and the players chosen instead or not.

Talk is one thing, contracts are another.


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