@68Jagr signing creates buzz on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean

While Calgary Flames and NHL fans await the arrival of Jaromir Jagr, you can  read why the Flames ultimately pulled the trigger on the legendary Czech legend. As travel and immigration logistics are resolved, there won’t be much news so we’ll use this space to share links to interesting articles until he arrives and takes the ice for the Flames, his first Canadian-based team in his 24th, and possibly last NHL season.

Jagr is not expected in uniform for the Flames season-opening game at Edmonton but could suit up for Calgary’s home opener Saturday with the Winnipeg Jets. It will be a rare missed game for Jagr who has only missed

Jagrometer.com realized a change of teams means a teams of color scheme for the Jagr-O-Meter, your one-stop chart for Jagr stats on a game-by-game basis. This chart has been the site editor’s creation prior to the start of this site a few seasons ago and condenses the major stats needed to be an informed observer of #68.


The pending arrival of Jagr has hockey fans buzzing and even inspired some artistic creations. This is from The Hockey Gods, aka @hockeygods. Nice work mates.


In addition to his play on the ice, the condition of the famous Jagr hair will also be discussed. This summer he seemed to suppress or possibly trimmed back the famous Kladno Mane as shown in a few photos from Czech media this summer.



Or did he?

This photo has been used in memes showing Jagr winning a tug of war against a tractor. In reality he was single-handely doing well in a tug of war against Czech children attending a camp.

Jagrometer.com monitors twitter all-day for the latest in Jagr news. Our first share to day is from Ryan Pike of The Hockey Writers.


A more comprehensive look at Jagr and the Flames is offered by Sportsmacro.com


Article from the Czech Republic can be translated with some browsers and gives added perspective to that country’s most famous citizen–Jaromir Jagr. They even know about the Travelling Jagrs, who are conducting discussions on how to add a new member to their roving band of Jagr supporters and have achieved their own notoriety on their ice while Jagr adds to his fame on it.


The Czechs love to follow their players in the NHL. Another article provides a preview of each team with Czechs on that roster listed.


Jagr spoke at length in this article about his pending move to Calgary.


Another article describes the change from Florida and a different role.


That’s our morning report. Updates this evening if necessary and likely if Jagr hits North American soil today.

Anyone have a makeshift Jagr/Calgary card for our famous Jagrometer.com points by team graphic?


Visit frequently as….THE LEGEND CONTINUES



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