@NHLFlames host Detroit; Jagr reaches second combined games played in Vancouver loss

CALGARY–The Flames host the Detroit Red Wings tonight at the Saddledome. The Flames will try to rebound from Tuesday’s 5-3 to Vancouver. The good news from that game is Jaromir Jagr completed the game without aggravating the lower body injury that kept him out of six games.

Jagr did not get a point, but did play in his 1925th all time games, (including regular season and playoffs), surpassing Gordie Howe. The NHL released this graphic to commemorate the occasion.


Highlights and extended coverage of the Vancouver game from nhl.com.


#68 escapes game without injury

Czech reporter Zdenek Janda talked to Jagr briefly after Tuesday’s game. Translate with your browser.


Jagr’s new Flames teammates getting in a few burns on the legend

This article from the Calgary Sun shines a light in the Flames locker room and their light-hearted interactions with Jaromir Jagr.


Jagr fans happy to see him in Calgary

From the Czech Republic’s Denik Sport, an article with some Czech fans in Canada. Translate if you don’t speak Czech.


The updated Jagr-O-Meter


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